On behalf of our team, welcome to our site. We are proud to bring you services that will help you “Get More” Social Security.

Dr. Bill Reichenstein, from Baylor University, and I have worked for many years to develop the research, published in the Journal of Financial Planning, that underlies our technology.

Our mission is to help you maximize your retirement benefits! This is a very important decision and you won’t be able to change your strategy in the future.  Within seconds you will receive a “recommendation” from us that will show you how to get the most amount of benefits.  However, this is just a place to start. Our interactive tools will allow you to create and personalize other strategies that you believe are good for you.

My advice to you is “compare.”  Come in and look at our recommendation and also compare it to other strategies.  You will have the diagnostics and tools to see the difference in benefits and income one strategy will give you over another strategy.

There are a lot of rules and complexity. Register for our service so we can help you and make it easy to see the difference between claiming strategies. Again, our goal is simple…”get more” benefits.  So, don’t leave money on the table.  Come and receive your Recommended Solution and read our educational content to make the best decision possible for your situation.

Best of Luck, Bill