Here is an article in this weekend’s Wall Street Journal about some recent research done by a Stanford and Occidental professor sponsored the Social Security Administration. I’m familiar with the research since it referenced our research we published on how to create a Social Security Strategy.

They focused on “returns” or return comparisons by maximizing your benefits. Check out the picture (enlarge image at the top) – return of a 10 yr Treasury Inflation Protected Bond -.26% OR return of an example married couple maximizing Social Security 7%. We have a paper coming out very soon in the Journal of Wealth Management on this very same area.

People, I don’t care what dimension you use…1) how much longer will your money last by maximizing Social Security, 2) how much more Social Security benefits you can receive, 3) how much more income you will receive, or 4) added “return”….all the numbers show the same thing. If you create a smart strategy to maximize your benefits, you will be a lot better off.

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This is a very important decision. Make sure you take time to do some research to increase your benefits.