For the last year, we have quietly known, and have pride, that the QUALITY of our advice is better than everyone else.  I know this sounds smug and conceited.  But, it is true and we verified it with an independent source.

I founded our firm on 2 principles:  1) we had to be easy to use and work with.  Basically, that normal people could understand our recommendations and how to claim their benefits; and 2) we had to be smart…our results had to be the best.  This means we show you how to maximize your benefits.

For the last 4 years, we have been dedicated to research on how to create Social Security strategies.  To us this means, how to leverage the rules to figure out how to claim to get you the most benefits over your lifetime.

This last year we have published 3 articles in the Journal of Financial Planning, Journal of Wealth Management, and Retirement Management Journal.  Our book continues to sell out.

As you have heard me say, there is a huge difference between a good and bad strategy.  Be careful, when you hear someone say they will “optimize” your benefits.  There are a lot of bad tools and advisors that are not prepared to give you good advice.

Make sure your advisor is using a smart tool as this topic is too complicated to figure out without software.  If you are doing it yourself, make sure the service you use is backed by real research.  Right now there are free tools that don’t give you the right answer and new services that are too general.  I’ll give you an example in another post

The take-away, is that details matter in this niche.  If you don’t use a service that is smart, you could be leaving thousands of dollars on the table.