In the news again – It’s always nice to get recognized for good work. I’m happy because more people are learning that choosing Social Security in a smart way can get them a lot more money. Remember most Americans don’t think about this decision and start as early as possible.

Below is the article on us that hit Yahoo and Reuters, and a couple other resources, that talks about how you can get the maximum out the Social Security benefits you are entitled to. What makes us different, is that we tell you exactly what to do. Other calculators and services allow you to enter in start dates, but they don’t tell you what to do. Based on your information, we tell you a strategy that “gets you more.” It’s based on real academic and published research from us you can learn about in our book on Amazon entitled, Social Security Strategies or in the Journal of Financial Planning.

The article below is one of the first articles that talks about “getting help.” It is worth getting help and making sure you have a smart strategy. Remember the difference could be a ton of money for you. Don’t make a mistake. Do your research and consider talking to an expert related to this decision. The good people in the Social Security offices are NOT allowed to give you advice. You will need to find and advisor or resourced online to figure this out.