Will you receive more out of the system than you put in? – lots of banter about this article today, see below. Progressively more Americans will pull more money out of Social Security than they paid in.

This is NOT new news, right! We know there are more people retiring than workers paying into the system. Change has to happen. The key take-away is figuring out:

1) Will you be impacted by impending change based on your age and when you retire2) Creating a strategy to get the most money out of the systemThe current research and history shows that if you are in your late 50s or older, you are not likely to be impacted. Remember the government does not act very fast. The last big overhauls to the system took 7 and then 17 years to implement. Also, there is coverage to pay benefits out at 100% for another 21+ years given the last funding update analysis.

So, let’s “run the numbers” and “compare” different scenarios to find the best strategy for your situation and your view on any changes in the future.

Maybe I’m too simple. Why should we focus on how most people won’t get all their benefits out of the system. This is negative…the focus should be on how do we educate and inform American’s so they can get the most benefits possible out of the system.

We take the mystery out of this process by showing you your numbers and working with you to create a personalized strategy based on 4 years of intensive research in this area.

Run your numbers to create a strategy….”Get More.”