Attached below is a good article that talks about ways to fix Social Security. Note, there is enough money to pay 100% of benefits to future retirees for the next 20+ years.

The system will need to change in the future since there are more Americans retiring. The questions is how to fix the system? Who will be impacted? Remember, a small change to payroll tax or a change to full retirement age could fix the problem easily.

The rule of thumb is that if you are over 55 years of age you are not likely going to be impacted. But, look at your numbers. Run scenarios on different ways to claim and compare your cumulative benefits. Ask yourself, do I think I could be impacted by impending change or should I implement a strategy that includes some type of “delay” while monitoring how the political environment evolves.Again, don’t forget the it took 7 and then 17 years to implement the last two large overhauls to Social Security after change was announced. There will be change, but it will not happen very fast.