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Dr. Reichenstein selected to The Experts panel for the Wall Street Journal

William Reichenstein, the Head of Social Security Solutions Research and Baylor Professor, was selected by the Wall Street Journal to be a contributor to the newspaper.  The WSJ has a section call The Experts where renowned industry experts are asked to write about important financial topics.

See Dr. Reichenstein’s first contribution entitled, “When is the Right Time to Start Claiming Social Security” here:

Wall Street Journal asks us to help with Spousal Benefits question

Dr. Reichenstein, Baylor professor and Head of Social Security Solutions Research, was asked by the Wall Street Journal to help answer a reader’s question related to Spousal Benefits and how to create a smart claiming strategy.

See the article in Ask Encore section linked here:

Wall Street Journal recommends Social Security Solutions

Today the Wall Street Journal recommended Social Security Solutions after its evaluation of software to help consumers maximize their Social Security benefits.

Anne Tergesen evaluated a number of different software providers and says, “Social Security Solutions gets my vote for most user friendly.”  As part of her evaluation, Social Security Solutions also provided the largest amount of benefits based on the tested client case.

Overall, Social Security Solutions has the deepest logic engine developed by Dr. William Reichenstein from Baylor University. He and William Meyer have published more than anyone else in the country on Social Security strategies.

Anne concludes, “Social Security Solutions - takes into account the widest variety of household configurations and the impact on Social Security of a higher number of other sources of retirement income, and thus allows for greater customization.”

We are proud to bring an easy to use and powerful solution on this important financial decision.

Best way to coordinate Social Security with your savings – Morningstar interviews Founders

See recent interview of Meyer and Reichenstein by Morningstar. Learn how maximizing Social Security can make your money last longer. A case study and free report allow you to see how their research published in the Journal of Financial Planning could help you coordinate your claiming strategy with your retirement savings.

Link to article:,;frmtId=12,%20brf295


On behalf of our team, welcome to our site. We are proud to bring you services that will help you “Get More” Social Security.

Dr. Bill Reichenstein, from Baylor University, and I have worked for many years to develop the research, published in the Journal of Financial Planning, that underlies our technology.

Our mission is to help you maximize your retirement benefits! This is a very important decision and you won’t be able to change your strategy in the future.  Within seconds you will receive a “recommendation” from us that will show you how to get the most amount of benefits.  However, this is just a place to start. Our interactive tools will allow you to create and personalize other strategies that you believe are good for you.

My advice to you is “compare.”  Come in and look at our recommendation and also compare it to other strategies.  You will have the diagnostics and tools to see the difference in benefits and income one strategy will give you over another strategy.

There are a lot of rules and complexity. Register for our service so we can help you and make it easy to see the difference between claiming strategies. Again, our goal is simple…”get more” benefits.  So, don’t leave money on the table.  Come and receive your Recommended Solution and read our educational content to make the best decision possible for your situation.

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